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We are a totally independent consultancy without product or software connections. This means that our recommendations have total integrity

Established in 1992 on the back of a long track record in the business, McDermott Associates is unsurpassed in the experience and diversity of knowledge offered by its consultancy team

Our client list is testimony to our position in the marketplace - many have given us repeat business on different sites and new projects. Our latest contract for HSBC's move to Canary Wharf involves us in the largest single-occupancy building in Europe (8500 staff). BG (3000 staff), BA (2500 staff), Ernst & Young (1500 staff) and NTL (1000 staff) have all commissioned repeat projects on different sites

We have also helped a considerable number of smaller clients to achieve substantial improvements in their systems and make substantial space and efficiency savings

Our impartial advice provides clear recommendations and user-friendly systems

Company News

ICI ICI moved to their new headquarters building in Manchester Square on 18th March. After 70 years at Millbank, an enormous culture change was required in moving to the minimalist open-plan offices. We worked closely with the Project Team and Move Champions to ensure paper reduction and a smooth transition to the new environment
HSBC Working with the bank since September 2000, we are continuing to support the Project Team in preparation for their move to Canary Wharf. The classification system has undergone trials and the final version is now being implemented. Paper reductions of 60% were recommended and the bank is very close to achieving that target
Mcdermott Associates We are taking an exhibition stand at this conference in order to explain to delegates our past work for MAFF, our current project for DEFRA and how we can help them to develop knowledge networks. The purpose of the conference is to encourage greater efficiencies in Government purchasing and project management
Defra As part of the Developing DEFRA Project, we are helping to rationalise the library archive material and plan its new role as a Knowledge Centre for information and training