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Cost Benefits break line

The value of undertaking a paper reduction project is not only in the easily quantifiable benefit of the "more people less paper" equation, but also in the more significant area of staff productivity

Quantifiable cost reductions are achieved by lower cabinet purchase cost and improved use of space

Savings are in the region of - million
for a 1000 person office in the first year
Ongoing annual savings of between
250-350 000 for a 1000 person office

These savings are, however, vastly exceeded by the time savings and productivity gains of better retrieval times using classification systems which can run on existing company software. By enabling a more rapid information retrieval time and increasing knowledge sharing capabilities huge cost savings can be made. This process also establishes an essential platform for any future development of a complete electronic document management system and minimises the output of hard copy

Productivity gains have been estimated at
2000 to 4000 per person per annum
2-4 million per annum for a 1000 person company

Visits to client sites where they have established these processes can be arranged for potential clients

Minimal staff downtime in moves

The ability to function on a "business as usual" basis on the first day of occupancy after a move, and to continue work until the last day before a move represents a huge cost saving to any company

Our staff prepare "from-to" packing schedules, pack and unpack files into their new locations and undertake all the necessary preparatory archiving, disposal and file changes required for a smooth transition from the old to the new situation

This enables staff to continue working normally and ensures business continuity

Disaster Recovery

We can help to minimise the cost damage of any disaster by ensuring that your company's records are safeguarded