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Ernst & Young Ernst & Young

London Re-Organisation

1500 persons


Validate around 120 000 client files held in dispersed filing cabinets in 2 buildings

Amalgamate files from 7 Audit Group and 14 Tax Groups into 3 Industry Groups

House in new central filing system

1500 Partners, Managers and support staff to move over 1 long weekend


Audited all files and checked manager ownership

Entered all data onto an Access database

Produced extensive reports which were used for siting of files in central file areas

Planned complex interim and final file moves

Packed and unpacked all files

Provided a delivery service for files to Partners and Managers during the move process

Identified suitable files for the off-site archive

Created an archive database


Reduced space needed for filing

Re-distributed files from disparate groups into 3 Industry Groups

Improved file registry

Central filing speeded up retrieval times and boosted productivity

Trained staff in new working methods