McDermott Associates
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Move to new HQ

500 persons


Identify storage needs of HQ staff in Millbank - high percentage of group senior management and sensitive material

Monitor all aspects of change in filing quantities and methods for move to new HQ building in Manchester Square

Physically assist in conversion to new storage media


Carried out file audit of all records held at Millbank

Analysed data and recommended appropriate reduction targets

Liaised closely with space planners - numbered units on CAD, allocated appropriate amounts to groups, presented solutions to groups

Specified generic cupboard rolling racking for tender

Maintained new stationary provision to ensure cost savings

Converted file storage where necessary to maximise utilisation of new cabinets


Supported staff through change and maintained positive attitude to change

Assisted champions in monitoring progress - changes achieved in good time before move

Improved systems in central filing areas to speed retrieval and make best use of new units